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Villa Solana

SOTOGRANDE at Residencia de Vistamar
LA MIRADA at Residencia De Vistamar
Pacific Grand Villas
Pacific Grand Townhomes
Villa del Rio Mactan
Brookfield Subdivision
Cordova Bay
Costa del Sol
Vittoria Subdivision
Camella Residences
Aldea del Sol
Pacific Grand (Lot only)
Cebu White Sands in Mactan (Lot Only)
Mactan Tropics (Lot Only)
Discovery Bay (Lot Only)Beach Front
Simplex 1 in LAPU-LAPU CITY
St.Bernadettes Square LAPU-LAPU CITY
Genesis Subdivision
Bayswater Subdivision in LAPU-LAPU
Summerville Subdivision
Grand Terrace in CASILI,LACION
Prescilla Heights in LAMAC,LACION
Villa Karmina in YATI,LILO-AN
Villa Lorena in YATI, LILO-AN
San Jose Maria Village,MINGLANILLA
Maria Luisa Estate Park
8 Maria Luisa
Mahogany Place
Casa Rosita
Xavierville City Condominium
The Persimmon Condominium
Ramos Tower
Fuente Towers
Grand Cenia Hotel And Residences
City Lights Garden
Woodcrest residentials(Guadalupe)
La Cittadella Condo
Matilde Homes
Acacia Place
Palm Heights
St.Annes Lanes
188 Sunflower Drive
One Edison Place
Nichols Park Guadalupe
Pasadena in Guadalupe
Hacienda Salinas
Vista Pueblo in Beverly Hills
Miramonte Subdivision
Casili Hills Subdivision
Monterrazas de Cebu (Lot Only)
Pristina North Talamban (Lot Only)
Metropolis Subdivision (Lot Only)
Riverdale Subdivision (Lot Only)
Vista Grande (Lot Only)
Newtown Estates Pardo (Lot Only)
Newtown Estate (Lot Only)
Villa Solana
Corona del Mar
Azienda Torino
Cresta de Milan
Villa Purita
Kizhanta (Lot Only)
San Josemaria Village in MINGLANILLA
Coral Bay
Fonte Di Versailles
Casili Hills
Sta.Lucia Townsquare
Eastland Estate
Pueblo el Grande Subdivision
Primavera Subdivision (Lot Only)
Molave Highlands (Lot Only)
EL Monte Verde (Lot Only)
Royal Cebu Estate (Lot Only)
Mactan Island Memorial Garden
Golden Haven in TALAMBAN
Manila Memorial Park in LILO-AN
Angelicum Garden in MANDAUE
Calicoan Island Resort (Guian Samar)
Boracay Island Beach and Resort
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Real Estate Cebu Philippines features Villa Solana


Real Estate Cebu Philippine, Villa Solana is developed by Juanito King & Sons, Inc. (JKSI) the consolidation of the real estate holdings of the King family, headed by the company founder, Mr. Juanito I. King. Its humble beginnings date back to the late 1950's, when Mr. King slowly started to acquire real estate through earnings from profitable business ventures.

Hard work, perseverance and prudent investments have made the company what it is today. Over the years, Mr. King realized that his accumulated property holdings were a profit center all on their own. Thus in January 1979, he set up a real estate company with his sons, Robin, Ricarido Delfin, Luis and Mario, and himself as incorporators and shareholders. Ming's Food Products, Inc.,

One of the existing companies then, was used in the incorporation records. The company was later renamed Juanito King & Sons, Inc. and the Articles of Incorporation were amended to adopt the real estate nature of the business. The renamed company originally had an authorized capital stock of P1 million. In December 1995, the authorized capital was increased to P100 million, to reflect the asset value of the company.

The holdings of JKSI in Real Estate Cebu Philippine continue to grow and include commercial lots, industrial lots, commercial buildings, condominium units and residential land. Currently, JKSI is undertaking a housing project, which involves the development of a 2.3-hectare property in Talisay City, Cebu. Led by Juanito King's granddaughter, May King, the housing project targets to have the following beneficiaries of the planned 169 housing units: staff and employees of JK's sister and subsidiary companies (King Quality Foods, Inc., Nito's International Ventures, Inc., Nito's Auto Supply, SkyGo Marketing Corp.), as well as other middle-income families.

Mr. Juanito I. King, founder, Chairman and President, envisions JKSI to contribute significantly to the real estate industry through more development projects in the future.


Near the beaches and not far from the mountains just like the scenic European territory, Casa Andalucia also boasts of progressively designed houses that will make you feel like you truly, finally everything you could need.

4 bedrooms
2 toilet & baths, each with an enclosed water closet
Floor Area: 76 square meters
Lot Area: 150 square meters


Casa Catalonia Classique.....Sold...
Casa Catalonia Classique understands your duality. Like the Iberian territory it is named after, your single attached home is proudly autonomous, yet part of a community where everything from hearty laughter to neighborly warmth is shared.

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom with an enclosed water closet
Floor area: 42 square meters
Lot area: 85 and 90 square meters


Casa Granada
Known for its beautiful gardens and pleasant streets, Granada is among the loveliest cities in the Mediterranean. Its influence is seen and left in the cozy environs of Casa Granada, which creatively combines rustic charm and urban energy.

3 bedrooms
1 toilet & bath with enclosed water closet
Floor area: 50 square meters
Lot Area: 120 square meters


Casa Valencia...Sold...
The original Latin name of this Spanish city meant "strength and vigor". In Casa Valencia, strong family values are cultivated in a neighborhood that treasures kinship and respect.

3 bedrooms
2 toilet & baths with an enclosed water closet
Floor area: 59 square meters
Lot area: 60 square meters


Casa Seville...Sold...
Grab the bull by the horns as the people of Seville do, and experience the thrill of owning your first home in Casa Seville. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime by transforming this practical adobe into your own special space.

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom with an enclosed water closet
Floor area: 36 square meters
Lot area: 60 square meters


Casa Ibiza...Sold...
Dwell in townhouses that reflect both facets of the famed Mediterranean island. Be among the first to join the pulsinf new Casa Ibiza community, a community built on both familiarity and privacy.

1 toilet & bath
Floor area: 52 square meters
Lot area: 40 square meters


Casa Catalonia Classique...Sold...
Casa Catalonia Classique understands your duality. Like the Iberian territory it is named after, your single attached home is proudly autonomous, yet part of a community where everything from hearty laughter to neighborly warmth is shared.

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom with an enclosed water closet
Floor area: 42 square meters
Lot area: 85 and 90 square meters


Regular Equity Payment

Reservation Fee: Php 15,000 Non-refundable and non-transferable

Equity should be at least 30% of the TCP

30% of the Equity: Payable on 6 months basis,0% interest

70% of the Equity : Can be paid through Bank,Pag-ibig and in house financing.

Spot Cash
Reservation Fee: Php 15,000 Non-refundable and non-transferable
Full payment of TCP within 30 days
The buyer is entitled to a 5% discount
Price Conditions:
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
* JKSI reserves the right to correct typographical error .
* All prices are inclusive of taxes and miscellaneous fees.
* Reservation deposits of Php 10,000.00 are non-refundable and non-transferable.
* All checks should be made payable to JUANITO KING & SONS, INC.
An additional P100/sqm for all lots that are:
*facing east
*on the corner
*along the main road
*beside and across parks and playgrounds

For more information, please contact us


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